Davisco Whey Protein - 2 lbs

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Product Highlights
  • 24 grams of protein into every serving to support your muscle building needs after training.
  • Over 6grams of BCAA per serving for rapid recovery
  • World's Number #1, Whey Protein Manufacturer, Since: 1943
  • Nutrition Planet's Davisco Whey Protein aids to develop lean muscles
  • It helps to increase strength and workout performance and helps in rapid recovery from muscle fatigue
  • It assists in the enhancement of your energy and stamina
  • This Whey Protein also helps to maintain and improve the metabolism of your body
  • This Davisco Whey Protein is a premium health supplement, which helps to boost immunity and provide nourishment

Licences & Certificates

FSSAI Licence      AIAO Bar Compliance USA      GMP Certificate
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What makes Davisco Whey Protein the best?

  1. Creamy Delicious Taste
  2. Zero artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives or artificial sweeteners
  3. Gluten-Free
  4. 24 grams of high-quality protein
  5. 30 Day Supply in 2lbs and 60 Day Supply in 4lbs Jar
  6. Comes in Nutrition Planet Sealed Jars - to keep quality, freshness and better shelf life of product
  7. Free measuring scoop
  8. Manufactured in USA
  9. 100% Pure Vegetarian, Made from fresh Milk

Davisco Whey Protein

Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate is derived from the protein found in whey (the watery part of milk which is separated from the curds during the cheesemaking process). The Whey protein is mostly used for improving athletic performance and increasing strength and muscle mass. The studies have found that Whey protein can reverse weight loss caused by HIV disease and it is also used to prevent allergic conditions in infants. This Whey protein doesn't contains any filler ingredients, flavors or artificial sweeteners.

Benefits of Whey Protein as per various studies:

Whey Protein Helps in Fat Loss: In one study of 158 people, published in Nutrition & Metabolism, those who were given whey "lost significantly more body fat and showed a greater preservation of lean muscle compared to subjects consuming the control beverage."
Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../PMC2289832/

Increase Strength and Muscles: A study which is published at International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggests that if Whey Protein is combined with Creatine Monohydrate aids maximize the strength and muscles.
Ref: journals.humankinetics.com/.../11.3.349

Protein Quality Ranking

Protein Efficiency Ratio: 3.2
Biological Value: 104
Net Protein Utilization: 92
Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score: 1.00

Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../table001/

Suggested use:

To maximize the results, take 1 scoop of Davisco Whey Protein early morning, 1 scoop 45mins-1Hr prior to workout, 1 scoop immediately after the workout.

Daily Protein Requirement

As per study by International Society of Sports Nutrition Symposium, June 18-19, 2005, Las Vegas NV, USA the protein intake to protect lean muscle mass and to gain lean muscle mass should be between 1.2 – 1.4 g per kg of body weight in a day to ensure a positive nitrogen balance.
Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/.../PMC3905294/

Guaranteed Authentic

Nutrition Planet's Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate 80% - Unflavoured contains only one ingredient, which is DAVISCO WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE 80%. Here is the Certificate Of Analysis provided by the Importer to Nutrition Planet

Do you really require additional digestive enzymes to digest Davisco Whey Protein Concentrate 80%?

Absolutely Not! Taking digestive enzymes externally are not at all recommended by Doctors and Nutritionists, unless you have weak digestive system because it can make digestive system even more weaker. Many people noticed that after taking digestive enzymes, for a few months, they are not able to digest anything without these enzymes. Please read this article carefully //lifespa.com/digestive-enzymes-the-hidden-dangers/

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 30g (1 Heaping Scoop)

Serving Per Container (30 in 2lbs, 60 in 4lbs)

Amount Per Serving
Calories 121 Calories from Fat 18
% Daily Value*
Protein 24g 48%
Total Fat 2 2%
Saturated Fat 2g 5%
Trans Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%
Sugars 0g
Cholesterol 60mg 9%
Sodium 42mg 2%
Amino Acid Profile
Alanine 1,470 mg Arginine 630 mg
Aspartic acid 3,240 mg Cysteine 690 mg
Glutamic Acid 5,010 mg Glycine 540 mg
Histidine 660 mg Isoleucine 1,740 mg
Leucine 3,240 mg Lysine 2,880 mg
Methionine 570 mg Phenylalanine 990 mg
Proline 1,740 mg Serine 1,410 mg
Threonine 2,160 mg Tryptophan 630 mg
Tyrosine 540 mg Valine 1,740 mg

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Calories per gram:

Fat 9 • Carbohydrate 4 • Protein 4

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( ): 10/3/2018

Best product in the market

Very impressive and noticable gains , i would recommend this product to everyone now i have ordered for hydro whey and concentrate for my friend who asked me for what i was on cuz he was really at the back of me thanks nutrition planet for your service

( ): 9/20/2018

Great Value

Been using this product for many years now, works very well. The fast shipping is unlike anything I've seen with any other e-com site. Keep it up! Maybe time to lower the price some more? :)

( ): 9/16/2018

Love it

Have been using Davisco brand unflavoured protein for a long time now. Initially started because I did not like any other brand of flavoured protein. Depending on carb requirement, I mix it with sugar-free flavour or orange flavoured Tang. Have not bought any other brand since I started with Davisco. Works as well as any other and I can customise my taste and carb intake as per my needs.

( ): 7/6/2018

Just Perfect

It got delivered within 24 hrs. Excellent delivery and nice packaging. Now for the taste, which is like unsweetened milk powder. I don’t care much about the taste, thus it feels just perfect for me Now waiting for positive results 10/10 for Nutrition Planet

( ): 4/13/2018

Excellent product

I have been using this Davisco products regularly and all i can tell u is they are amazing products, completely natural, unflavoured, easy mixing, great packing quality and amazing logistics service. My workout results are amazing after using these products. Thank You davisco!! I recommend others to use these rather than other products which are filled with artificial flavours, fillers, etc. Thank you davisco for these absolutely natural and wonderful products.!!

( ): 2/9/2018

Great protein

This my 2nd order from nutrition planet. David I whey protein concentrate 80 is awesome taste is like milk. Mixibility is fine need to shake more. Good and affordable prices product. PS: Thanks Mr. Ranvir singh for your help. Much appreciated.

( ): 1/31/2018

Professional Product for Professional and Enthusiastic

As far i know after taking this what i found out is unflavored is the only ultimate taste other than any flavor. Best thing is that as it is unflavored you can add ingredients as per your requirement and make it any flavor personalized specially for yourself. And calories management is very crucial if you are minimizing your fat percentage. I would suggest this product to athletes and enthusiasts who have been working out and using supplements. If you dont care about the flavor and want the best value for money product go for it.

( ): 1/15/2018


Received Davisco Whey to Day in a good packing. Thank you very much. I Will Write a review about the result after a week.As for now taste and mixing is good. Thanks.

( ): 1/3/2018

Very good


( ): 12/13/2017

Value for money

Taste is ok mixibility is good and results... waiting because statred from 2 days ago

( ): 11/1/2017

Value for money product

Good packaging, good mixability, cost-effective

( ): 10/20/2017


Today only i got the product just 3 days delivary. The packing was very good. And the protein taste good.. Later i will the progress .

( ): 10/16/2017


The delivery and the packaging is on top. I ordered on 10 Oct and received on 13 Oct. So it is fast. I tried raw protein before and all of them have almost same flavor. It mix very well with water and milk. It will not give you boating in stomach. About results I cant comment because Its not been a long time I am using it. This is my first jar from Nutrition Planet and reason I brought from here is, according to them they don't put any other ingredient. So it is a complete raw Davisco whey and you can prepare whatever you want with it. I am into fitness from last couple of years and I am definitely looking forward to buy more products. Also you cannot just depend on protein supplements, if you really want some good results. Proper Diet and nutrition is very much important!

( ): 10/15/2017

Tast like milk powder

Im getting result when used with creatine but im not sure what is effective.. Creatine or whey. First i feels its fake because of tast but im getting result, Its effective i just wanted to know is it tast like amul milk powder. Im not talking about bad its effective & im getting fast result but not sure creatine or whey. Again product is awesome.

( ): 9/29/2017

Fast delivery

Lived up to its promise of delivery jn 3-4 days without taking shipping charges. Product jar quality is good. Let's see the results. Gonna update ssoon about this.

( ): 9/19/2017



( ): 9/9/2017

Simple n effective

Works decent. Finished 4lb box. Ordering 2x2 lb now. Will write a detailed review after consuming it.

( ): 8/28/2017


( ): 7/13/2017

Product recived

The produt come with in 2 day amazing fast delivery My 1 whey let see result

( ): 6/8/2017

good priduct

This is the first time im using it n I like it,the recovery is quick n it dissolve fast n no digestion problem,thank u nutritional planet

( ): 6/6/2017


I loved this product. The unflavored is the best tasting protein ever. Tastes and smells just like milk.

( ): 3/14/2017

Good Product

This is a good product at a less price

( ): 3/12/2017

got my first davisco whey

After accepting delivery i Immediately took one scoop in shaker.. taste does not matter to me. Jar is very nice.. I will review about result after a month..

( ): 3/11/2017



( ): 3/2/2017

one of the best in its range

i am using this protein for last 9months now and very happy with the results.In between i switched to other proteins as well but came back to using davisco as i got excellent results from it. Nutrition Planet has excellent customer response.Keep it up :)

( ): 2/20/2017

Best protein

it is the best protein in the market at lowest price. i have been using this protein for 6-7 months and i am really happy with the results. and here i am again to order my 8th box. :)

( ): 2/18/2017

Best whey protein

Got my 4lb jar..... Was tooo excited to open and had 2 scoops immediately ..... I was using ON b4 this so compared both and found dat the quality of this whey for the price which i got is awesome and having my first serving i can make out dat this is going to work best for me BEST unflavoured easy to digest whey protein from now onwards will stick to this only THANKS TO NUTRITION PLANET AND DAVISCO

( ): 2/17/2017


paradise deal in 1499/- good quality 8/10 nicely delivered 10/10 mix-ability perfect 10/10 taste 5/10 protein % 10/10. query- is it a vegetarian product and the process too doesn't contains any handling of egg or non vegan products. thanks in advance. Reply from Nutrition Planet: Yes, it's made from fresh milk and doesn't contain any other ingredient.

( ): 2/17/2017

Nice product

Nice product

( ): 2/10/2017

Value for money

Best product in this price range with a good result

( ): 2/7/2017

For davisco

This the great and best original product.and his result is really very very nice.

( ): 1/14/2017


Very very nice protein.. Iam really thanksfull to Davisco.

( ): 1/12/2017

Cheao and best protein

This is the cheapest and tge best protein i have ever had. Yes a few doea not have a very good experience with it, they say that they couldn't digest it but it remained best for most of the people, including me. Thank you. ??

( ): 1/3/2017

Raw protine

I have use it's good product in budget

( ): 12/30/2016

Best protein in market

After hearing a lot of good nad bad things about raw whey i order the whey by giving it a try i order a 4 lbs box first my experience :- 1 when i sarted using this whey my bicep are at 12.6 and after ussing it for 2 week guys i am telling i have seen visible and remarkable result its now 13.5 and still progressing in many different body parts 2 mixing of whey is very good i use to mix it water after my workout and consume it. 3 its my first so i don't known how whey taste but its ohk means neither to bad nor to good. 4 i think u should try it guys u will definitely get results with proper diet and hitting gym properly. I was only ussing 2 supplement creatine of ON nd whey of Davisco guys and only 2 weeks i have seen results and there's lot more to go going to order it again definitely One thing more i loved their packing the box which they provided was very nice it was very good .bor ky bolu just go for it don't waste your money on branded supplement there are chance of duplication nd same result u can get with this so go for it ??

( ): 12/16/2016

love davisco

good product, reasonable price and timely delivery.

( ): 12/10/2016

Third purchase

This is my third purchase from this website. I love it. The only thing I don't prefer is ordering a jar pack everytime. Since it costs more. I would have loved it if it came in refill packs too. Reply from Nutrition Planet: We use Food Grade Plastic Containers to keep the product safe and fresh for longer duration. This also keeps the quality level of our product beyond any other product at this low price.

( ): 12/8/2016

delivery is fast

I ordered this product on 5th Dec and received on 8th Dec in noon.The product was properly packed and jar is pretty good.I will update its result soon after using it.

( ): 11/16/2016

Value for Money

Its Amazing Product, must try, works well along with diet plan and good workout schedule !!!!

( ): 11/11/2016

Good whey product in the market

This is one of the best whey protein i had in a past few months. The quality is good. The taste is good and no after taste. We can add sweeter if necessary. It goes well with water and milk. The mixability is good. I highly recommend this product if you are convinced of its pricing. But i feel the pricing is little bit high. The packaging was good. No leakage. The delivery was fast. There was no digestion issue for me.

( ): 11/6/2016

best protein at affordable price

best protein I'VE USED TILL DATE... helped me to gain lean muscle... along with comparable increase in strength

( ): 11/4/2016


Awsm protein I ever had with such a good amount of protein in 30-32 gm scoop. Good quality whey protein concentrate at low price what else do we need?? Going to buy another 2lbs jar ?? According to me go for DAVISCO WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE.. Thumbs up??

( ): 11/2/2016


delivered on time ..packing is good ..seems genuine and mixing well .. will have to wait to see results

( ): 11/1/2016


Amazing product..

( ): 10/31/2016


I hope you guys maintain the quality of the product.

( ): 10/29/2016

Davisco WHEY PROTEIN is superb

It work perfectly fine to me. I used this product for 1 month and result come out way too fast. I have order it for second time. People should try it and know the result.

( ): 10/24/2016

good product

Good product accroding to price

( ): 10/24/2016

really effacative producate

its working

( ): 10/23/2016


After researching a lot on the web i ordered to give it a try. Its good product with decent results. But the price is a bit high on Nutrition planet. May be its because of the jar packaging. I request them to sell it in pouch to reduce the price cause everybody has jars at home of previously used protein. So please reduce the price a bit.

( ): 10/17/2016

Bang on the buck

This is the best value for money whey protein.. And effects are quite impressive

( ): 10/10/2016


Need Good Diet for good Result Awwwwwsomeme brand Liked It :) Bravoooooooo Nutrition Planet

( ): 9/19/2016

Lab Test Report

Got my Davisco whey sample tested in a food lab got result of 74.5% protein in the sample which is great compared to other whey available in this price range . BRAVO nutrition planet !!

( ): 9/15/2016


I m completely satisfy with the delivery service. The product just arrive today, protein is tasteless though it doesn't matter to me. I will update my review regarding the improvement using Davisco whey protein soon....... :D

( ): 9/15/2016

Davisco Whey Review

Product is original according to the sources, can be digested by every stomach that can not be said, i used it once seems like no taste of its own can be used with milk or water both, gains are good and better in prize than other supplements, however i am ordering again this time a big tub means cost and quality is also good, thanks

( ): 9/8/2016

Very nice and economical whey in indian market

I got this product very recently and feeling good about quality, as many had told this is raw whey and not suitable to take directly. But after examining online found that this can be taken as it is and very cost effective and gives great energy and pump during workout (if taken before workout) and as usual we can have it post workout for better recovery. Unflavored is cool, as it tastes just like milk after mixing it well. Thanks Nutrition Planet.

( ): 9/3/2016

Best whey

It is the Best whey

( ): 9/1/2016

Really Good

It's a really good product. I'm happy that I ordered it from this website & got the unflavored one. There are other sellers who sell unflavored ones as well as flavored varieties of Davisco protein concentrate BUT, please do Not buy from other sellers. Two reasons being, 1) they sell them in foil bags which is difficult to store & one would need a separate container and 2) their flavored ones are Terribly sweet & have poor mixability. Nutrition Planet's Protein powder has great mixability & you can add the required flavoring to suit your taste. I know unflavored one isn't tasty, but we're not here to look for taste but for good fitness results. Thank you Nutrition Planet.

( ): 8/22/2016

Best whey protein ever

1st time i used this 4lbs and got gains with lean muscle..so i ordered 2nd time and got it today 4lbs it is little bit slow delivering in chennai... But love to use this and i told to my frnd he is using too and very happy with this product No need to add sugar or icecream its taste good like milk .. 5 out 5 rating

( ): 7/28/2016

Nice product

Guys must try this product it is genuine product and give same reaults as muscleblaze which i am using past years......i will prefer this ..

( ): 7/25/2016

best one

please sell it at the same price

( ): 7/9/2016

results are good

After using it for a month i can see the gains coming out. Taste is bearable but not an issue for me because its a pure protein without any adulterants and that what our body needs. Mixability is good and no problem with digestion believe me. Overall 5 stars for this product and i am going to order my second jar soon.

( ): 6/29/2016

Good Whey Protein Powder without Poisonous Artifitial Sweetners

I would like to write two points:- 1) This product is without any artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners like sucralose, acesulfame potassium and asparatene. I would request all to stay away from powders having these cancerous ingredients. 2) I checked the product in a lab for protein content and the result came to be 81% which guarantees its authenticity. Good Product, good price and good delivery. Its a 5 star rating from me. Reply from Nutrition Planet: Here is the report shared by Samsher Singh. Click here to view test report

( ): 5/31/2016

Good Source of protein

this product do work. if taste is not your preference then this must be the best whey protein you can get in the given price. I purchased 2lbs tub as my first order and it got delivered the very next day due to the fact that they are Noida based{ I put up at Delhi}.

( ): 5/25/2016

very effective

i bought lots of whey protein powder . but really i find this product is so much better: mixiblity, result ,less calorie and free from any artificial sweetner like sucralose etc. there no digestion issue

( ): 5/6/2016

Good Product

Cons Taste:9/10 Cost:10/10 Efficiency:will late after a month Mixiabilty:10/10

( ): 5/4/2016

first time

Ordered this whey for the first time...Super fast delivery within two days my whey reached to me in Goa..Taste is gud very gud....9/10 Mixiablity:10/10 Price: 10/10 for person like me Results oh yeaah waiting for this as this is why we oll order it :) il review back after a month thank yhew

( ): 4/21/2016


Great product, tastes amazing and is affordable as well. The shipping was incredibly fast. Full marks !

( ): 3/17/2016

Tough competitive Product in Market

Dear Friends, There have been a lot of people who want to know about the authenticity and quality of Davisco protien. A lot of reviews too have been going around on Youtube by other fitness experts and Nutritional Supplement Review Experts. I will like you put forward my experience and leave it on you buyers to decide for yourself based on this. Well I have been into bodybuilding for more than 2 years and have tried top class brands like ON, MuscleTech, BSN etc. To be honest they all worked pretty fine and gave me results as usual (not to mention that proper strength training and good diet is must for any gain, irrespective of the supplement we use). But I heard about this company from a friend and became interested because of 3 reasons: 1) It was way cheaper and hence very cost effective for a person who buys a lot like me, 2) It had no processed substances and hence is raw and unadulterated - which is actually a good thing cause howsoever good brand protein you buy there is nothing better than pure and raw substance. 3) Last which i know now is - It gives results. YES !! It gave fantastic gains to me. One thing which was bothering me was its quality and genuineness. Even though there are very high and positive reviews about it here still i was skeptical. But after trying it i can assure you this is a REAL DEAL. Hope my review helps you people in making your decision. Happy Gaining... Ciao :)

( ): 3/9/2016

Good value for money

Very good product

( ): 2/29/2016

wonderful been using it for months

i wish it was flavored,but the unflavoured one is not bad too,mixes well and you get what you pay for.overall i would recommend it

( ): 2/28/2016

Ultimate Product

Product got delivered within 24 Hours. Kudos to the team! Have been using this product for a while and with no doubt it is far better then any other product available in the market. Synopsis Cost - 10/10 Taste - 8/10 Mixibility 9/10 Effects - 10/10 I gained 3lbs of lean muscle mass within couple of months. Must Try!

( ): 2/22/2016

Suberb packing

Recieved today...taste is bearable....product looks genuine and i will update results after some days ......stay updated....

( ): 2/19/2016

Good One

This is the second time I am using this product and it's great! Will be ordering the next one soon :)

( ): 1/29/2016


very quick delivery best quality whey at less price there is no added items it is purewhey

( ): 1/22/2016

it is unbelievable

I heard about devissco...first I was not believingbelieving but it is sereosly a great product ....I strongly recommend to all..recovery after tremendous workout is superbbbbbb....

( ): 1/21/2016

Amazing product

Very nice protein. Certainly authentic. Taste is okay. Drinkable. Just don't raise the prices or else it will lose its charm

( ): 1/21/2016


Good product

( ): 1/20/2016


Got product today. Packing was nice and genuine product .this is first time I have ordered this.I Hope the Results Are GOOD enough.but slow delivery. tired of waiting?

( ): 1/20/2016

honestly very good

go for it everybody...

( ): 1/14/2016

Thank you so much

I just got my davisco whey ...packing is good....like in a jar not loose like other vendors....at this affordable price....just keep in providing quality products...god bless

( ): 1/14/2016

Fantastic Protein at Affordable Price

Fantastic Protein at Affordable Price - I like the taste also It just like Milk Powder w/o sweet.

( ): 1/5/2016

Original whry protein

with 1500INR getting original pure whey protein ,, feeling great

( ): 1/5/2016

Nice One

Jut received it yesterday i.e. 4/1/2016 & used it today morning after workout. It tastes good. Don't expect your regular flavored whey protein taste as it is unflavored. For me, it tastes good. @ davisco team- can you please bring out flavored version of same as it would attract many more buyers.

( ): 1/4/2016

Great product and stupendous customer service

I had purchased a 2lbs. tub of Whey Protein from Nutrition Planet for the first time. The courier reached me on time, but the packaging of the tub was received semi-opened, and some of the contents outside. The product seemed perfect, but this small hitch of damaged packaging made me a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, I promptly received a call from Mr. Anuj, who apologized profusely, even though I understood that the onus was probably on the courier company who didn't handle the packaging well during transit. Despite that, Mr. Anuj offered me a replacement for NO EXTRA CHARGE. I was pleasantly surprised. The new tub reached me promptly, free of charge. This is exemplary customer service, something which is hard to come by in this age of 'don't-give-a-crap-since-I've-made-my-money'. The new batch came to me well packed, and sealed. No complaints whatsoever. I was also told that the invoice also mentions the company's (Nutrition Planet) TIN as well, another sign of authenticity for the authorized importer and distributor of Davisco, USA. As far as the product goes, it is brilliant. Fine quality whey, mixes instantly, has no added chemical sweeteners like acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose, and works brilliantly for recovery. My muscle soreness has nearly disappeared. This is a win-win. I guess I have found my go-to brand. You can most certainly trust and go for this! Works like a charm. PS: Thanks Mr. Anuj for your help. Much appreciated!

( ): 12/28/2015

positive results

two things you need in a affordable protein brand for body builders 1) it should be safe (no side effects like stomach problems, gas) 2) results results results Its been 20 days since i have started , my muscle definition has increased considerably plus some mass/size. Timing -- one scoop morning and one scoop immediately post work out ( v important), with 500ml of milk and some flavor(coco powder/pista powder), its just plain tasteless with just water or milk. 1500/kg cheapest whey concentrate with amazing results so far. First time buyers like me should just go for it. Dont forget to eat eggs / beans / chicken and enough carbs, this is just a supplement not magic nor cheating or a shortcut, its just completes your required protein intake.

( ): 12/26/2015

Good product

I'm writing this review after using this product for a week. It comes in blue tub like ultimate nutrition. Mixability very good Taste is bearable. i take it with water, it has a very creamy texure. Good recovery after workout. One request to nutrition planet add bit pro to your products.

( ): 12/11/2015


apart from taste,which is justified, this is amazing product.

( ): 12/10/2015

Good clean product

hi I have heard about davisco whey long back but wasn't willing to buy the bulk bag and at the same time knew that most of these big companies like optimum and other leading brands don't manufacture whey by themselves but they out source whey and just wit the flavouring and labelling the price of whey almost doubles secondly the sucralose which is the artificial sweetner is potentially damaging for health in the long run as per the research so what I wanted is a flavourless whey because I didn't want sucralose in my diet this product is just excellent for the price but for people who prefer a little sweetness will have to add some sweetening agent otherwise it's pretty much tastes like unsweetened milk powder but the consistency of the powder says it's a high quality genuine product and davisco is the world leader in whey just buy it and enjoy the healthy drink joyfully

( ): 12/9/2015


The packaging is perfect. Just like any US brand. Vacuum sealed and delivered in 2 days to Pune, Maharashtra. Mix-ability - forms no lumps, and mixes easily. Result- Hoping for the best.

( ): 12/5/2015

best bang for your bucks

Taste is acceptable.. but result.. too damn good.. Quick service.. got it delivered the 3rd day despite being so far from Delhi...

( ): 12/4/2015


Have done extensive research on different types of Whey proteins, i finally zeroed in Davisco, dissolves easily in water and tastes good.

( ): 12/2/2015

Best Whey Amazing Packing

Delivered today, though the pack N seal feels Like an International leveled pack.. I Hope the Results Are GuD enough :) Must Buy Supplement to everyone keep Gng Dnt Think To mch in spending jus 1500rs just go Fr it With creatine Fr Best results

( ): 11/26/2015

One of the best

Great mix-ability, zero sugar, super quick delivery and a real value for money. What more we want!

( ): 11/25/2015

Quality stuff

It's definitely a quality stuff. Add a little taste to it, and I would give it 5 stars. And would advertise this product all over. But please, add some taste to it.

( ): 11/19/2015


I was quite apprehensive sbout this product's authenticity but to my surprise it is too good easily digestable and more refined than some of the isolates in the market.Home delivery is super quick .Please stick to the price and quality.

( ): 11/17/2015

Low cost protien

In 1500 rs. not a bad deal. I usually take it with my BCAA so it add taste as well and increase Amino Acid quantity . Worth buying product, cant say about increasing muscle or Weight because i keep my diet strict and healthy and yh i didnt loose my muscle size during i was not going gym but i kept taking this protein.. So nice product.

( ): 11/16/2015


Super- fast delivery...taste as xpected raw pure kinda.waiting 4 results

( ): 11/6/2015

genuine protein

Good product though bit hard to digest .....but result is visible ....half requirement of protein should come from your strictly .it's a supplement not magic.I would request to introduce bipro as well n make wpc more digestable .I am not lactose intolerant as I consume 2 ltr of dairy products daily.

( ): 10/27/2015

Good Results

Texture of protein is very good, results are awesome. Its unflavoured so it has no taste in milk as well as in water .. but in this price its best product. Strongly recomended . Happy Gainz

( ): 10/26/2015

Received what committed and shown on site

Received 2lbs jar cash on delivery at pune. Very well packed and neat and clean. Received it in 3 working days at Pune Maharashtra. I recommend this. Thank you.

( ): 10/21/2015


i recommend this product to everyone who are in bodybuilding... it is a great product . I've purchased 2lbs jar... nd i m gonna order 4 lbs now.... 100% genuine product with great recovery .... EACH AND EVERYONE SHOULD GIVE IT A TRY..!

( ): 10/19/2015

Awesome awesome product

A great product. It tastes like nothing (may be a slight taste of milk powder) but the genuiness of the product speaks for itself. A must try for all health enthusiasts.

( ): 10/18/2015

Taste good

Nice taste and is easily mixes with milk..! And its effects i would update soon!! As i am using first time!!

( ): 10/7/2015


mixes easily. hope the price keeps coming down unlike healthkart, will surely buy again

( ): 9/29/2015



( ): 9/19/2015

First impression

Just now I have received my 2 lb pack.this is first time I have ordered this.after taking my first scoop I surprised to see its mixability.better and faster mixability then on gold standard an prostar.great.will update the result after using this 2 lb although it's depending on my effort.train hard and tc.bye.

( ): 9/19/2015

Very good product

This is a good product has no artificial flavours and no sweeteners so it is healthy to consume , good texture and mixes easily with water , taste is plain but 1/2 table spoon of sugar added makes it better tasting

( ): 9/11/2015

nice product

I am amazed by the express delivery. Started using the product. Mixes easily taste is good.. Hope the results are good.

( ): 9/11/2015

real and genuine protien

Best protien present in market, everyone should give a try once.

( ): 9/5/2015

overall awesome

This is my first tym with davisco whey protein. Texture of protein is good. Mixability is awesome. Their is no bloating or any kind of digestion problem. Taste is acceptable. Definitely gonna review again after getting some appreciable result.

( ): 9/4/2015


As I am trying unflavored protein first time...i didn't like the taste alot but it is giving me good muscle defination

( ): 9/3/2015

Nice Product

Got product today. Packin was nice and genuine product . Easily mixes in milk. But results of this product are gona to come yet. Hope i will write results are positive after month

( ): 8/22/2015

Tastes good with milk

Good delivery+ nice packaging. Why dont you add chocolate flavour option also.

( ): 8/4/2015



( ): 7/31/2015

Amazing Product

I have been using davisco from quite a long time..Recently I stumbled upon this website and straight away ordered 4lbs...The product was delivered at my doorstep within two days..Packaging is amazing...The product was very nicely packed...And i tranferred

( ): 7/25/2015

Perfect hunt

it tastes not so bad....[acceptable]all though it is an unflavored Whey. It mixes up so well in just a moment,simply above all. Mixability [ 10/10]. Any experienced athlete can easily figure out its purity and originality. Strongly recommended.

( ): 7/22/2015

a good one

packaging like international level, but seal doesn't works,had to pour into jar, felt recovery after sternous workout, NUtrition planet is authorised by Davisco itslef which is a U.S based raw protein manufacturing co., so no chance of thug on the name of

( ): 7/12/2015

seems interesting

I am with sufficient research with this product. I have found it worth buying. order has been placed.....Quite excited to get delivery Results will be reviewed soon

( ): 6/26/2015

Davisco Whey Protein is a great product

I purchased 2lbs pack today, now I can't wait for the order to be delivered. My previous experience with Nutrition Planet was satisfactory. So I ordered it again. And one last this, This new website is really cool. Thanks!

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